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It's been a month.. time flies, doesn't it? well, here I am. I'm finally back. I can't believe the hiatus was so long.
I intended it to be on for two weeks maximum, but unfortunately some bad things happened, and working on the site wasn't at the top of my priorities. however, when I finally did wanted to work on revamping the site, my computer decided not to work, and by that proving my belief that my computer hates me. :P

Anywho, my computer worked eventually! I hope you like the new layout I have on. it's different from what I usually do. I also revamped the whole site. take a look around. ;) It's nice to have a change once in a while.

I'm gonna need you help, guys. since my computer was beeing a brat, I had to format my it, and with that I lost my copy of Photoshop. I downloaded Photoshop CS2, but my trial is unfortunately reaching its end soon and I'm helpless. I tried to download it in an illegal way (yeh I'm bad), but had no luck in finding a good version.
Now, can anybody, please, somehow, help me get my hands on a copy? (PS 7 or CS2, either one will be great)
Thanks in advance. I will be thankful forever. someone, please, come to my rescue.

Now, one more thing. I've decited to join the battlefield! :D if anyone is interested in battling with me, please leave a tag or contact me via email. however, I have the need to say I'm quite a slow battler, just so you know. :X anyway.. woot for me! yay. :D

I have two new pieces to share, and also a nice bunch of icons (pretty simple ones though).
01. "Stuck" - this piece has a meaning to me. I guess it's kinda show how I feel at the moment. it featurs a really amazing and unique photoshoot by Eugenio Recuenco, and lyrics by U2.
02. "Wonderland" - when I started making this piece, I was actually making a layout. somewhere down the road I didn't like how the layout was looking, so I decited to alter it and make it into a piece. It featurs a lovely photoshoot inspired by Alice In Wonderland. I really love these pictures.
03. I've made 54 icons. this bunch featurs Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson and Chris Daughtry.

stuck, Random Model. wonderland, Random Model.

54 icons.

Oh man, I've missed you guys! <33. I have a new affiliate to add. please give a warm welcome to the wonderful Nadja. go and visit her and give her lots of love and cookies! woo! Now it's time for some random plugs. LILY is back (!) with an amazing new resources site!! I'm so freakin' happy she is back!! yay! <33 moving on to another sweetie; Amber! now, she is just astonishing. her layout is one of the best I've ever seen.

THANK YOU, thank you all for the lovely comment you've left me while beeing on hiatus. whenever I saw a new comment I smiled like crazy ^^ . thank you. I want to have a special thank you for Melanie, Nadja and Alfreda for all the lovely comment they've left me during the hiatus. you are amazing. I loooove you. each comment made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^^ and also thank you for rushing me to be back, lol.. if it wasn't for you I'd probably still be on haitus. OH!! Mel and Alfreda both got astounding new layouts, so visit!!

I'm done here. good to be back. <3    best wishes, Hadar.