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I really dislike talking about myself. I believe, no matter how hard I try to clarify who I am, I don't think that that's something you can transfer through written words. especially through lame English such as mine. however, I do want you to know me better, even if that's just a little bit of who I really am.
I guess I got to do this, right? OK, let the babbling begin!

Hello, I'm Hadar. I am a sixteen year old girl, born on June 13th 1990, which makes me a gemini. as far as for my location, I'm living in Israel, and I have been living here since my very first day on earth. I have intentions on living in the US for a couple of years, and hopefully that will take place sometime in the future.

I love art, any kind of it. the sad thing about it, is that I have no talend whatsoever outside of the computer screen. therefore, as you can imagine, I completely worship Photoshop, and have been under its control since march of 2005. Hopefully, someday I will be able to find a job I will enjoy, in the digital art field.

I have a quite large variety of interests, which includes the Backstreet Boys and Chris Daughtry, digital art, sleeping, giutar playing (or at least learning how to), old music (50's-90's), rock music, tattoos, my iPod, striped objects, unique clothing, singing (eventhought I really can't), skulls, shopping, coca cola, italian food, cooking.. and believe me, that is just the beginning.

along with these things I find interesting, there are some which I'm not very fond of, not to mention things I actually hate. these however includes school, waking up, fights, boredom, hunger, fakeness, terror, war, onions, insects, hot weather, humidity, drunk people, alcohol, drugs, stupid people who uses drugs, and many, many more.

I am a really lazy person, not that it's a thing to be proud of. my favorite way of spending my free time is in sleeping, and I do that very well, I must admite. I also tend to postpone pretty much everything until the last minute, and that's just another way my laziness is being expressed by.
I am not a "people person", not at all. I don't like the teenage society as it is right now, or at least the society in my area. In real life, I tend to keep a humble relationship with pretty much everybody around me, but only a few people have my sincere love and appreciation. it takes a while to get my trust and complete care, but when that happens, I can say for myself, I am 100% devoted to that person.

For me, like for many other people, music is everything. I can't spent a day without playing a few of my favorite songs for my ears' pleasure. since music has an large influence on my life, so does my favorite artists. my all time favorite band is the Backstreet Boys. they're my everything. I have been a bsb fan ever since I was a little girl at the age of 6. I've been throught a lot with this band on my side, and I'm so thankful they're a part of my life. <3
moving on to my favorite singer; Chris Daughtry. I can't say he had an impact on my life, like BSB had, but I believe that's only beacause I got to know him less then a year ago. in that short time I've known him, he got me hooked. II immediately was drawn to him. this man is so talanted, it's actually scary.

what more can I possibly say?... I believe I have nothing more to bore you with. I hope you enjoyed and learned a little bit about me. if you have anything else you'rei nterested of knowing about me, by all means, feel free to contact me.

xoxo Hadar.


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